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Pines Foot and Ankle Surgical Group is a podiatry office founded in 1998.  It is a state of the art medical office that specializes in the diagnosis and medical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower legs. Here, our patients are treated under the care of Dr. Jorge Valdes, DPM. We strive to provide the highest quality of service available to all of our patients.

Here, we take the time to know you and truly listen. Nothing makes us happier than keeping you and your family happy! Here you can find our services provided, office hours, insurances, and other information. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at any time.

Dr Valdes Services

Platelet rich plasma therapy or (PRP therapy) is an advanced treatment modality to repair injured tissues. Leading the way in cutting edge modalities, the Pines Foot & Wound offers yet another minimally-invasive solution for repairing damaged or inflamed structures in the body.

A platelet rich plasma injection is used to initiate the regenerative processes of our body’s own healing powers. Platelets have been found to store growth factors responsible for healing. By concentrating these bioactive substances, healing can be initiated in structures normally unable to heal without the help of these modern treatments.